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Yurakucho Station

General Infomation

One stop from Tokyo station, "Yurakucho" is the gate station to the world's famous and most condensed shopping area called GINZA. In GINZA area, there are quite a number of world's famous brand stores like Gucchi, Dior, Fendi, Armani, Hermes, etc. There are also quitea numbers of Japanese department stores, and boutiques are competing fiercely with customer service. If you visit Japanese department store at 10:00AM sharp, you'll be surprised by the lined greetings to the first customer.
Other characteristics of Yurakucho is that it is the gate station to road show movies, musicals,bars, restaurants and Japanese pubs etc.

Hotels around Yurakucho Station

This hotel suitable for both business and leisure travellers who wish to find a quiet oasis in the heart of the bustling city of Tokyo.

Ideally located in Ginza, one of the stylish districts in Tokyo, the hotel is suitable for both business and leisure travelers.

Take a Walk

Hibiya Park: Take the Hibiya Exit, and ask anybody around you " Where is Hibiya Park?" Most of them would tell you the direction to Hibiya Park which takes only five minutes. Hibiya Koen(Park)
Ginza Shopping District:Take the Central Exit, then you'll see "0101" department store in the front. Walk along this O1O1 on your right, and then you'll come to "Inz" underpass. Go through there and make a right; soon you'll see the SONY Bldg-Crossing. Walk left for about 100m, and you'll reach to the Center of GINZA. You can go to any directions to find out small surprises. If you get lost, please ask any Japanese person "Where is GINZA WAKO?" then, you can return to Central Ginza hopefully!?
Yurakucho hibiya park Yurakucho wagashi Yurakucho oioi Yurakucho

Unique Spot

Yurakucho kabuki
Kabuki Theater: Next to theEast Ginza district, you'll find traditional designed Kabuki Theater (a Japanese Opera), where you can rent English headphones to enjoy one act or approx three hours of a whole play.

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