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Ueno Station

General Information

Ueno area is, in a sense, center of Arts, Museums and Classic concerts. There are number of museums of various kind, such as The Orient Museum, Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, The National Museum for Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Fine Art Gallery. In addition to Museums, there are numbers of Cultural arts and events held here in Ueno. 1famous classic concert hall, 3 temples, And the Japanese highest ranked art collage named " Tokyo University of the Arts"
Another aspect of Ueno is recreational area for both adults and kids. For adults are for arts and events, for kids are for play ground and the home to Japan's first zoological garden both functions are all inside of big "Ueno Park", the most famous animal in Ueno Zoo is PANDA, recently the old Panda passed way, therefore, Chinese government signed to re-send new Panda within this year.
Ueno Park

Hotels around Ueno Station

It is a good choice for travelers who prefer to stay in Ueno and Asakusa area. Shitaya Shrine and temples are scattered to the east of the hotel. A traditional public bathhouse is located in front of the hotel. Guests will be able to enjoy atmosphere of Japanese old downtown by taking public bath with local people.

Take a Walk

SMALL ROUTE/ Take Koenguchi exit, follow the sign to Tokyo National Museum where they stores approx.110,000items including 91 national treasures, over 600 important cultural properties, Japanese & Asian galleries, Japanese Archaeology.
The most important treasure is The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, If you are interested in current painter's arts, we recommend you to stop at Tokyo Metropolitan Fine Art Gallery. Also if you are further interested in Natural science, you can visit National museum of Nature and Science. EXPLORE ROUTE/ In addition to small route, across the street from Museum of Nature and Science, go through the center of Ueno Park, you'll get to Ueno Zoological gardens, Toshogu Temple. If you go through lawn garden to "Shinobazu No Ike Pond", you can return to Ueno Station Shinobazu Gate.

Unique Spot

AMEYOKO: Across the other side of Keisei-Ueno-Station, there is busy, noisy, Colorful, lively market street called "AMEYOKO". This place was originated from Black Market after World War-II named after abbreviation of "Ameya-Yokocho" (Candy Store alley). Now days, "Ame" also means "American" due to the continuing of used American military product sales. Today there are over 500 tiny stores selling Fresh Fish, Dried foods, garments, bags, cosmetics and so on.
JEWELY TONYA-GAIļ¼š The other side of Ameyoko, there are about 100wholesale Jewelers street, among of them, some stores can deal retails, if you are lucky you might get dirt discount.
Ameyoko Net
Jewelry Town

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