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Tokyo Station

General Infomation

Tokyo Station is the terminal station to all Shinkansens (Bullitt Train) and the heart of all JR line systems to go to Japan's Mega cities as well as Historic towns.
The design of Tokyo Station building has influenced much of Netherland, Amsterdam Central Station.
Surroundings of Tokyo station, there are number of Town renovation going on, the most important renovation is Tokyo station itself. Renovation shall be completed at the end of the year 2011. Nearby the station, there are number of walking courses, Marunouchi Course is consist of famous companies offices + Grand floor Stores and decorations.Yaesu Course s consist of 2 giant towers including Office Tower & Department Store tower + biggest basement shopping center. Imperial East Garden course: please read "Take a Walk".

Hotels around Tokyo Station

This hotel is based on the design concept of "Modern Japanism" and is one of the newest hotels in Tokyo. Its location makes it ideal for those guests wanting mobility within Tokyo and around Japan, both on business or leisure.

Take a Walk

Imperial Palace East Gardens: Take Marunouchi North Exit, go through Oazo Bldg., and make left till you find Sign Board showing how to get to Ootemon,follow this Sign, you'll reach the garden approx.10minutes from Tokyo Station. This is the only place where Imperial Household Agency approved to open Emperor's garden to public.
Ohoribata Walk: Strolling from East gardens to south, there is a beautiful ditch called called "Ohori-bata"along with this ditch, you can see a couple of historical buildings. Sometimes, you'll see Bikers strolling the surroundings of The Palace.
ootemon ootemon ohoribata

Unique Spot

Station Concierge Tokyo: To know the nearby area of Tokyo Station and/or finding Places and suggestions, the clerk would help you or you can visit their web-site www.tokyoinfo.com/english/index.php PASONA O2 : This is a Indoor Farm Land where they produce Fresh Vegetables, Rice, Herbs, Flowers all in the 2nd floor of the basement, they are also training High-Tech skilled future farmers.
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