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Sugamo Station

General Infomation

Sugamo is very condensed with ton of elderly visitors coming to pray towards the "Togenuki-Jizo "= One of disciples of Buddha who is believed to save prayed people from Sufferings. Due to high density of elderly people, most of the TV interviews for elderly people are taken at this town including CNN, BBC and other oversea medias. Apart of TV interviews, this town is also famous with its variety of stores; some are Japanese and Chinese mixed drag stores, Japanese sweets, Antiques, Folk arts, etc. Recently, young people and foreigners too are coming to enjoy the traditional Japan. There you can meet friendly, elderly but cute people.

Hotels around Sugamo Station

The hotel is a perfect choice for business, shopping and sightseeing to central Tokyo due to its lively area and accessible location.

Take a Walk

JIZO DORI SHOTENGAI/ When you get out of Sugamo Station, there is a tourist map board showing how to get to Jizo Dori Shotengai, on the way to Sugamo Jizo (Officially Called Kogan-Ji). There are so many unique stores. If you are an elderly or going to become elderly ages, it's fun to see tiny things or gifts. Maybe your grandchildren would love tiny cute dolls and others.
JIZO DORI SHOTENGAI sugamo sugamo sugamo

Unique Spot

KOGAN-JI TEMPLE/ This temple is the worship of prayer place, and prayer's manner is; next to Kogan-Ji temple, there is tiny Jizo. If you are suffering from heart disease, with clean toweling cloth, wash out Jizo's heart area, thus synchronizing your own body part and Jizo's same part. Then, in reply, Jizo would help you to recover your health.
SUGAMO PEACE CEMETERY PARK/ Walk along Route-17 road until the first traffic light, make a right across R-17 toward temple for about 300 meters, and you'll come to the gate of Sugamo Peace Cemetery Park, where you can see hundreds of cemeteries covered with forests and memorial statues.

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