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Shinjuku Station

General Infomation

Shinjuku Station is the world's busiest station with average of 3.52 million users per day. From the West Exit, go through an underpass, and you'll reach to the center of Shinjuku Sky scraper building area. The highest building is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government("Tocho"). At the north tower, take an elevator to the 45th floor, and you'll see the whole Shinjuku area from 202 meters height in Free of charge. Besides there are cafe at Ddytime and bar at night time.
From the East Exit, there are quite numbers of boutiques, eight big department stores, and quite famous fruit parlor and number of restaurants. Further more, in the north area there is Japan's biggest night spot district called " Kabuki-Cho,"where they have countless restaurants, bars, pubs, Izakaya(Japanese pub) and so on.

Hotels around Shinjuku Station

A convenience store is located on the ground floor of the hotel. It is a perfect choice for business and sightseeing due to its lively area and accessible location.

This is a small privately owned boutique style hotel with friendly services. Airport Limousine from Narita Airport stops at Hilton Hotel located within walking distance from the hotel. (It takes a few minutes.) It is a very reasonable hotel in Shinjuku area for both business and leisure travellers.
There are plenty of restaurants bar and pub around the hotel. The hotel is perfect choice for those who would like to stay in Shinjuku. It is a good for both business and leisure travelers.

Take a Walk

SHINJUKU GYOEN/ Take the South Exit and make left pass through "LUMINE 2 "Bldg.,and go loose downward on a slope for approx. 300 meters, and you'll see the "Shinjuku Gyoen" signboard. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was completed in 1906 as an Imperial garden. It was originally designed to learn western gardening in the Meji period. There are three distinct stylish gardens (English, French, Japanese) and a small Taiwan pavilion. Many visitors enjoy changes of the four seasons in the city, especially Cherry Festival in spring and autumn color-fest.
south street shinjuku gyoen shinjuku gyoen

Unique Spot

HANAZONO SHRINE/ Take the North Exit, slope down a block, and make right for four blocks, and you'll reach to Hanazono Shrine signboard; from there you can experience a holy feeling with the quietness. WEST EXIT PEOPLE/ There is a famous meeting spot "Nishi-Guchi-KOBAN = West Exit Police Box" where you can meet unique people, some people are from Japanese rural area, some are tourists from South America, and some are tourists who just came back from Mt.Fuji Climbing, etc.
HAL BLDG. (Cocoon shaped)/ In 2009, an unique design building shall be opened in which students would learn computer technology like courses of car, robot, multimedia and 3DCG, etc.

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