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Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station

General Infomation

shibuya hachiko
A South by South West and 10th stops from Tokyo Station, Shibuya is a town for young and young at heart people's town. Especially "SHIBUYA 109" is the world well known Fashion center and birthplace for Japanese fashion creators and entertainment trends. Landmark of Shibuya is the "Statue of Hachiko" Hachiko was extraordinary loyal dog, and Hachiko's story inherited to most of Japanese people. Hachiko has waited his master right in front of Shibuya station every day. Even after his master's death, Hachiko has waited and waited every evening for years believing his master would come back.

Hotels around Shibuya Station

Shibuya is a bustling, youth-oriented shopping and entertainment district. The town is very popular among the locals. It is an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Shibuya is one of the places where young fashionable Japanese go to do their shopping and just hang out, giving the whole area a vibrant and energetic atmosphere right on the hotel's doorstep, for guests to enjoy day and night. Guests are encouraged to participate in the hotel's ecology programme by presenting a 'green coin' from the bathroom to the reception and a donation will be made from the hotel for saving the amenities.

Take a Walk

KOEN-DORI: Behind the Hachiko's statue, there is big crossing called "Shibuya- Kosaten"go straight towards Seibu Department store, then make left for "PARCO". Fom there, a gently sloping uphill start which is called Koen-Dori, both sides of this street, there are fashion stores boutiques and some restaurants.At the end of Koen-Dori, you'll reach National TV station called "NHK Broadcast Center" it's a worthwhile to see the inside.
109 shibuya kosaten koen dori NHK
109 109 109 109

Unique Spot

CENTER-GAI: If you across the Shibuya Kosaten aslant, Center-Gai start from there, watch-out ! This area is quite lively and busy area, both sides are noisy but if you'd like to see Japanese Teenagers' fashion trend, have a look.
You don't have too much worry. Teenager's looks are normally quite showy but gentle at heart.
Shibuya 109
"Hachiko Bus"
Bunkamura Hall
NHK Studio Park
Shibuya Center Gai
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