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Hamamatsucho Station

General Infomation

Hamamatsucho is the most convenient station to transfer to Haneda Airport Monorail. Haneda Airport is the HUB airport for every domestic flights and short range international flights. Another convenient factor of Hamamatsucho station is that it is very close to Takeshiba-Futo(Pier) where you can enjoy Tokyo Bay cruises and cruising to sub-tropical islands called "Izu-Sichi-Tou"= Izu seven-Islands.

Hotels around Hamamatsucho Station

The hotel is for budget travelers.

The hotel is good choice for both business and leisure travelers because of the facilities and its location.

Take a Walk

Hama-Rikyu Gardens/Only three minutes from station, Hama-Rikyu was built in the 17th century and was used by the Shogun's hunting ground. It has one of the largest traditional Japanese Gardens in Tokyo, and visitors can enjoy a cup of "maccha " (traditional green tea) at the teahouse on the pond.
Zojoji Temple/ Take the west exit, walk along the street approx 7-10minutes, go through the Onarimon-Gate, and you'll reach the Buddhist Jodo sect, Tokugawa family temple. In the temple ground, there is the graveyard of the Tokugawa family. Behind this temple, the Tokyo Tower stands with the height of 333m. From the observatory deck, you can see Tokyo's skyscraper buildings in four directions.
Hama-Rikyu Zojoji Tokyo tower pokemon

Unique Spot

Shinbaura-Futo Pier/One of the Tokyo's uniqueness is that Tokyo has de-touched beautiful seven islands by Hydrofoils or fixed tourist ships. Characteristics of these islands Varies in many ways. An island is famous in world-class surfers site, and another is famous with Birds Sanctuary.
Pokemon Center TOKYO/ Two minutes from station, this Center is quite famous among kids. A young couple from New York looked overjoyed playing with his son.
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