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Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is the terminal station to all Shinkansens (Bullitt Train) and the heart of all JR line systems to go to Japan's Mega cities as well as Historic towns. The design of Tokyo Station building has influenced much of Netherland, Amsterdam Central Station. Surroundings of Tokyo station, there are number of Town renovation going on, the most important renovation is Tokyo station itself. and more

Yurakucho Station

One stop from Tokyo station, "Yurakucho" is the gate station to the world's famous and most condensed shopping area called GINZA. In GINZA area, there are quite a number of world's famous brand stores like Gucchi, Dior, Fendi, Armani, Hermes, etc. There are also quitea numbers of Japanese department stores, and boutiques are competing fiercely with customer service. If you visit Japanese department store at 10:00AM sharp, you'll be surprised by the lined greetings to the first customer. and more

Hamamatsucho Station

Hamamatsucho is the most convenient station to transfer to Haneda Airport Monorail. Haneda Airport is the HUB airport for every domestic flights and short range international flights. Another convenient factor of Hamamatsucho station is that it is very close to Takeshiba-Futo(Pier) where you can enjoy Tokyo Bay cruises and cruising to sub-tropical islands called "Izu-Sichi-Tou"= Izu seven-Islands. and more

Shinagawa Station

Hamamatsucho is the most convenient station to transfer to Haneda Airport Monorail. Haneda Airport is the HUB airport for every domesticSouth most and 5 stops from Tokyo Station, you can transfer to Keihintohoku Line for Kawasaki & Yokohama direction. Nearby the Shinagawa station,, big company's head Offices have moved from Tokyo station area, such as Japan Air Lines, SONY, JTB etc. and more

Meguro Station

South East and eight stops from Tokyo Station, Meguro Station is located in Tokyo's uptown area, an area also characterized with two gardens and two big banquet & wedding halls. Walking down to the west and following the street, you'll reach to "Meguro-Fudo-Son"where 500 Jizo-Boddhisattvas and unique shaped Buddha guard statue stand. and more

Shibuya Station

A South by South West and 10th stops from Tokyo Station, Shibuya is a town for young and young at heart people's town. Especially "SHIBUYA 109" is the world well known Fashion center and birthplace for Japanese fashion creators and entertainment trends. Landmark of Shibuya is the "Statue of Hachiko" Hachiko was extraordinary loyal dog, and Hachiko's story inherited to most of Japanese people. Hachiko has waited his master and more

Harajuku Station

One station north of Shibuya, "Harajuku" is the center of Japan's most show-off place for both teenagers and classy people. Teenager's place starts from Harajuku Takeshita Exit followed by teenager's boutiques, fast foods, crape stores, fast foods Etc. Some of them wear Cosplay (costume play) imitate after Anime or Manga characters, among of them, we see a couple of foreign tourists even Cosplay. In contrast with the teenager's area, in the tree ... and more

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station is the world's busiest station with average of 3.52 million users per day. From the West Exit, go through an underpass, and you'll reach to the center of Shinjuku Sky scraper building area. The highest building is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. At the north tower, take an elevator to the 45th floor, and you'll see the whole Shinjuku area from 202 meters height in Free of charge. Besides there are cafe at Ddytime and bar at night time. and more

Ikebukuro Station

Ikebukuro Station is located North West of Yamanote line handling over one million people per day. A part of this town is characterized with low teens' after school playground. Low teenagers are often seen at Sunshine City that has quite many attractions, such as International Aquarium, Observation deck, Planetarium etc. The building next to it is ... and more

Sugamo Station

Sugamo is very condensed with ton of elderly visitors coming to pray towards the "Togenuki-Jizo "= One of disciples of Buddha who is believed to save prayed people from Sufferings. Due to high density of elderly people, most of the TV interviews for elderly people are taken at this town including CNN, BBC and other oversea medias. Apart of TV interviews, this town is also famous with its variety of stores; some are Japanese and Chinese mixed ... and more

Komagome Station

Komagome is famous for variety of gardens to walk around. Immediately after exit You'll see Tourist information board, and make left toward Rikugien garden. Along the Komagome street, there are many Folk art stores, Japanese dyed garments, Japanese sweets and Japanese Cuisines etc. Due to good location, there are numbers of condominiums. and more

Ueno Station

Ueno area is, in a sense, center of Arts, Museums and Classic concerts. There are number of museums of various kind, such as The Orient Museum, Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, The National Museum for Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Fine Art Gallery. In addition to Museums, there are numbers of Cultural arts and events held here in Ueno. 1famous classic concert hall, 3 temples, And the Japanese ... and more

Akihabara Station

Akihabara is 2 tops north of Tokyo station (unti-clockwise) very famous with world largest electric town. There are hundreds of electronics shops from electric consent to the newest computers, camera, digital televisions, mobile phones, home appliances to generators etc. For overseas use voltage and other technical features may differ, but you don7 have to worry, there are several stores can match to your local voltages an amperes. Most shops are ready to play around a bit of discounting which ... and more
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