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Japanese Onsen


Why Onsen is so popular among Japanese and Asian manias? Onsen is different culture from Western SPA or Este Saloon. There are many types of Onsens characterized by the ingredients of a hot spring (Onsen). different ingredients provides different benefits for your health. Most Japanese people enjoying the healing effects, therefore, there are quite numbers of "Onsen-Otaku" from Young lady to an old man.
No.1 Onsen Area

Types of Onsen are varied in many ways, located within Onsen-Towns or remote country, Surroundings of Onsens are mostly located by rivers, seas and mountains. therefore, you'll enjoy the natural beauty of Japan. PHOTO: Onsen-Town/ "Onsen-Machi" Ginzan Onsen

Onsen pools are located indoors or so-called "Rotenburo" outdoor type Which are located spectacular mountains or viewing big ocean, most Onsen pools are gender separated, but some pools have gender mixed to meet Onsen Fan's choices..
PHOTO:Ocean Viewing Outdoor Onsen/ "Rotenburo"
Young ladies are normally avoiding gender mixed pools. If you do not feel comfortable naked In front of other people, you can ask clerk for "Kashikiri"(Private) bath or "Kazokuburo"(Family)bath.

Whichever Onsen you may choose, all you have to do is take off your cloths and become naked, wash your body, then soak into bath and release your self from all of your stresses. Extremely precious moment would come! !


PHOTO:Public Bath/ "Sento" In the past, many of Japanese houses did not equip bath therefore, people has to go to Public bath


Super-Sento is an up-grated type of Sento(Public Bath) which is becoming popular among occasional Family habit with prices starting at around \500-.UP with variety of facilities like Bubble bath, Massage bath, Sauna, Outdoor bath etc. almost all of them has Restaurant and bending machines, many of Super-Sento offer Asuri which is scrubbing type massage from Korea, some of them are open 24 hours.

Main reasons why Super-Sento is increasing that Sento association have suffered a lot because of low profit and fuel price increases. Therefore many of Sento association members wanted to increase profits with variety of services, foods and optional services.

The Most popular Super Sento "Ooedo Onsen Monogatari"
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