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Japanese Foods


japanese foods
There are too many cuisines in Japan and quite difficult to recommend one. Big cities like Tokyo, Yokohama,Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, besides of Japanese Cuisines, there are quite number of Foreign dishes from French Dinner to a Cameroon Dinner. Since you are Visitor's to Japan, our site introduce you some of selected cuisines other than Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura or Sukiyakis.

From a Gorgeous menu

Kaiseki Ryori:/ This cuisine is originated from Zen Temple's Monks one of 2 cuisines of a day warmed up with a stone (called Seki), so most of dishes are warm, and each dishes are served with Tea Ceremony interrelated small balls or plates. Kimono worn maid would serve you every dish in traditional manners.

From an Inexpensive Sushi Menu

Kaiten-zushi / Sushi dishes are served with a rotating conveyor belt, you can freely pick plates, and/or you can order to an inside chefs. Register sales clerk can easily count your charges by the colors of your eaten plate numbers. Kaiten-zushi is inexpensive than ordinary Sushi-Ya.

From a Casual Party menu

Okonomiyaki/ From our experiences, most of foreigners have told us " Oh, this is a Japanese Pizza and very tasty" Okonomiyaki originated from the word "Okonomi=as you like" , Therefore, everyone can be a chef among your party while saying noisily. That's the Okonomiyaki Style!

From a Family Restaurant

There are wide varieties of Family Restaurants Japanese Noodles, Chinese Snack Restaurants, Italian Foods etc., those names are Denny's, Royal Hosts, Gust, Saizeriya, Jonathans (English Menu available) Family Restaurant "Jonathan's " has English Menu

From a Family Dishes

tomate spaghetti
At a Home stay/ If you are a lucky person, and able to stay one of a Japanese family for a week, you'll be surprised hoe Japanese people's family dinners are served from Foreign dishes like a week sample for example, Monday/ Chinese Plates, Tuesday/Indian Curry, Wednsday/Italian Spagehtti, Thursday / German Hamburg Steak,Friday/ Korean BBQ, Saturday/ Sushi & Sunday/ Sukiyaki Dinner type of family dinners are rather common Tomate Spaghetti
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