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Japanese Foods

There are too many cuisines in Japan and quite difficult to recommend one. Big cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, besides of Japanese Cuisines, there are quite number of Foreign dishes from French Dinner to a Cameroon Dinner. ...more

Japanese Architecture

People tend to think,Traditional Architectures are typically seen at Temples and Shrines. Traditionally Emperor's Places, Buddhist Temples, Shinto's Shrines have been the subject of respects and yearning.. Therefore, quite numbers of Parishioners have donated money ...more

Japanese Onsen

Why Onsen is so popular among Japanese and Asian manias? Onsen is different culture from Western SPA or Este Saloon.
There are many types of Onsens characterized by the ingredients of a hot spring (Onsen). ...more

Japanese Matsuri

There are too many variety of Matsuris. Therefore, we would raise this subject for series. Basically, The word "Matsuri" is originated from "Kami-O-Matsuru"= defiling at beginning, we classifies rather complicated context of Matsuris into roughly 3 categories. ...more

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Japanese Taste
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