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Useful Information of Yamanote Line in Tokyo

Japanese Taste

Tokyo Tatsujin

Tatsujin is a person who is expert and knowledgeable to a certain work area, therefore,"Tokyo Tatsujin" is like a person who knows every corner of Tokyo, It's a long Way! But if you take a first step to master JR YAMANOTE LINE system, you'll be able to become Tokyo Tatsujin in the future.

Scenic Place of Japan

Inside Tokyo

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Tokyo suburbs

Tokyo Suburbs
Once you become Tokyo Tatsujin and enjoyed the excitements of highlight towns, How about going out for Hiking, Onsens, Cultural experiences of a day-trip or weekend Trips? Geographically dominant part of Japan is mountains approx.70%, therefore, Within 2 hours distance from Tokyo are either Mountainous or Rice field areas. So, why not Enjoy treasure house of Nature in Tokyo suburbs. and more...
Japanese Taste
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